300+ Best Badminton Team Names Ideas [2023]

(Last Updated On: April 18, 2023)

Badminton Team Names

Do you look for the list of badminton team names? If yes then you are at the right place where our team experts have shared a huge collection of names ideas for the badminton games. So we would suggest you read the full post to get all the points from this article.

What Is Badminton?

Badminton is the national game of Indonesia. It is a racket game that is played between two players. Not like other games which have a group of members in one team, it’s a one-person team. 

How Badminton Was Started?

Badminton roots are derived from Poona a city in India. It from this bring by a British Duke of Beaufort to the estate of badminton. As it plays at in the estate of badminton so, the game is named as Badminton.

Now, this game got popular and everyone start loving it. It also relates to the game of children battledore and shuttle lock.

As it began in India and then go to British. And everyone starts it playing, enjoying this and forwarding this game. Some countries gave this too much importance.

Indonesian love this game and their country and society start playing this game widely. Their citizen knows really became professional at playing Badminton.

They are started to arrange competitions at the district and national level. They gave this so important that it’s now referred to as their NAtional game. Now, Indonesians are representative of the Badminton game.

Everyone loves to play this game. This game has not had too many hard rules. So, everyone can play this.

This game is also attractive to watch and its attractiveness got on peak and the person who is watching this wishes to play.

Badminton is a fun game and children also love to play this game. This is the favorite game of youngsters. This game also gives you health benefits. By playing this your muscles move at a great deal which is good for your health.

Badminton At Small Levels

Some people arrange a little badminton ground in their countryside where all the boys at night gather and enjoy playing this. In this case, some also make their team. Some who came from other towns to play this game have to compete with their native town guys.

So, in this situation, they divide there self into different teams. They gave teams a unique name matching with their town or a name that shows power or strength. One example of this type of team is ‘warriors’. These types of things are also good and happiness-spreading moments. 

As this game is popular and worldwide famous. It is a trendy and innovative type of game.

Schools also arrange badminton competitions yearly on the supports day. The students who love to play this game participate in this game. For the winner, little gifts are also prepared.

Universities also follow and must arrange these competitions to relax students. But in these competitions, the number of gifts is higher than in the schools.

Universities arrange this function at a big level. They are basically preparing students for future competitions and sending them to national-level competitions as they will represent their university later on.

Internationally these game is played all around the year in different countries.

The biggest game competition also has this game. The winner will win a huge amount and gold medals and cups.


How to Choose a Badminton Team Name?

Choosing a perfect name for your badminton team is a test and if you succeed to choose a beautiful name then it will also give you and your team another type of confidence.

Here we mentioned some easiest ways and recommendations from which you can choose a beautiful team name.

Simple and easy name

The first thing you have to keep in mind is to choose a name that will be the name should be simple and easy. Easy and simple names are good and catchy. For Example, choose a simple name like “Team Rocket”.

This is a perfect name because it includes a badminton-related thing and the team will represent your group. So, always pick a short, trendy, and catchy name for your team.

Related to the field

This is common sense for everyone that whenever you are choosing the name for any field the one term in your team name should be related to this field.

For example: Choose the name “Lion of badminton”, This type of name is perfect because it’s one part shows that your team is powerful as lion and the second name surely represents its a game of badminton and your team name is on the badminton team name.

Funny or Monster names

Funny names are also best. The relating game with the monster type name is also beautiful.  Try such names to make your team more prominent among all. For example: choose a name like “Monsters of Badminton”. This name is looking so attractive and in pronunciations is also good and unique.

So, these three points are enough for you to choose a beautiful, unique name for this unique team. Keep in mind these recommendations while choosing or deciding a name for your badminton team.

Combining the Names

Combining two names and making a new name is a beautiful idea. In badminton, there are also many levels in games. So, you can also combine these level names or attach them with another category.

In this case, you can also combine the name of your team with some instrument of bannetons or things that are used while playing it. For example: “Net of Badminton” This name is a combination of net and badminton.

It really completes all means. Net is used and it makes the ground so combining badminton with the net is a good and classy idea. So, you can also try this.

Best badminton Team Names

As mentioned there are many events, competitions where you need an attractive name for your team. Here is a list of badminton team names for your ease.

  • Hit the shuttle
  • Smashers
  • Sthrenthers
  • Powerful guys
  • We hit hard
  • Fast gamers
  • Shettle rockers
  • Shuttle Masters
  • Love Handles
  • Shuttle stars
  • Rackets
  • Racket Blasters
  • Ultra fast
  • No gravity
  • Golden Stars
  • Acers
  • Hit hard
  • Big Hitter
  • Bad Boys
  • Bad Girls
  • Crackers
  • Victory snatchers
  • Too fast
  • Bad Attitude Guys
  • Shuttle high
  • Rockstars of Racket
  • Shutt Champions
  • Fun gamers
  • Smash It!
  •  Servers
  • Boom Boom
  • Blast with shuttle
  • Metal Rackets
  • Hustlers of Racket
  • Beyond the shuttle
  • Warriors
  • One more game
  • All shorts
  • Best one
  • Heroes of badminton name
  • Nail bitters
  • Kings of badminton
  • Super Players
  • Rabelerz
  • Flight in operation
  • We serve
  • Force of Racket
  • Shuttle troops
  • Defenders
  • Spin the shuttle
  • Fast and rock
  • Superstars
  • Legends
  • Squad of rockstar
  • Battle to win
  • Let’s win
  • Bad Bad Badminton
  • Prime rockets
  • Rockers of shuttle
  • Super Giants
  • King of Champions
  • Pro players
  • Strikers
  • We  Hold it
  • Shuttle Bashers

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Funny Badminton Team Names

Playing games is fun. Fun is hidden in games. It’s all up to us how we explore the fun in shit things. Fun can be anything. Badminton is itself a fun and relaxing game.

There are many families who love playing this game. They used this game as an exercise after their dinner. They play badminton garden. Many friends also came to each other homes in the evening to play badminton.

They divide themselves into different teams and play for fun little tournaments. They bet that loser will give them a dinner party. It’s also a source of fun. In every family and friends group, there is always one person who did not know how to play this game. So, to tease this guy they gave him/her a funny name.

For this purpose, this type of team searches to find a funny name for their team. So, you don’t have to go anywhere, you are in right place. Here are the following funny names for badminton teams:

  • Team of Losers
  • Bad Squad
  • Gang of BAD
  • Fly with net
  • Net is hurdle
  • Strokers
  • Blockbuster
  • Diamond team
  • Shuttle master
  • I’m tired
  • Winner of losers
  • Hit to infinity
  • Smasher
  • Violet 
  • Obesity
  • Disco with  Badminton
  • Dreamer
  • You dream, we win
  • Ace Bandages
  • Backbenchers
  • Net court
  • Vampires
  • Dirty players
  • I will serve
  • Furious Player
  • Fly with shuttle
  • Baseless squad
  • Beat with shuttle
  • Lost in Badminton
  • Sixer with shuttle
  • Out of circle
  • Scorpion
  • Bad Attitude
  • Ninjas
  • Shuttle is weapon
  • Insane shuttle
  • Zero points
  • Bad Gang
  • Serious to lose
  • Alcoholic
  • Bone hurts
  • I can’t handle
  • Back therapy
  • Weak gripper
  • Anti losers
  • Over the sky
  • Bird
  • Devil serve
  • Fastest shuttle
  • Hold on
  • Lets glow
  • Fishy stars



Above are the best names for you to pick and name your team on these names. The list contains multiple options. Choose any one you like or think will best represent you and your names.

If you are still not selected or like these names then follow the instruction above mentioned and make a unique name of your own that you think is best suitable for your team.

Hope so, It is enough to find a unique, attractive, or funny name for your badminton team. Surely, you all have many friends who love this game.

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