300+ Top Funny Cycling Team Names Ideas 2023

(Last Updated On: February 15, 2023)

Attention all cycling enthusiasts! Are you tired of pedaling around aimlessly? Want to join a cycling team and create a healthy, competitive identity? Look no further, because we’ve got a solution for you.

The missing piece? The perfect cycling team name! Without it, you’ll be stuck in no-name limbo, riding solo with no fans to cheer you on. But fear not, we’ve got you covered with a list of the coolest cycling team names, sorted by category.

And if you still can’t find the right fit, we’ve got some tips to help you create your very own unique moniker. So, what are you waiting for? Click on to read more and pedal your way to team name glory!

Don’t let your cycling team be a nameless bore, check out our list of cycling team names today!

Best Cycling Team Names

In our cycling team name category our first list is about the best team names. Read all the names and select the best name that suits your team.

  • Crank Masters
  • Scorpions
  • Principle
  • Raw Speed County
  • The Slow Move
  • Rough Creed
  • Amazing Wheels
  • Sprocket Society
  • Slow Wheel
  • The Cyclomaniacs
  • Surrey Raiders
  • Eco Cyclopedia
  • Islanders
  • Racing Cyclist
  • Kicking Asphault
  • Pesky Peddlers
  • Pedal Demons
  • Wheels on Fire
  • Aero Alliance
  • Eco Pedal Warriors
  • Bike Heaven
  • Gossip Wheel Gang
  • Pedal Dancers
  • Full Circle

Funny Cycling Team Names

Most people like funny names because funny names make people relaxed in their intense situations. So, we have collected the funny cycling team names that are given below.

  • Velociposse
  • Two Wheel Thrill
  • Spin for Fun
  • Door Prize Posse
  • The Cyclomaniacs
  • Wolf Pack
  • Chain Gang
  • Pesky Peddlers
  • Minute Men
  • The Wheel Deal
  • Spoke & Mirrors
  • Pesky Peddlers
  • Panache Patrol
  • Road Warriors
  • Pogo Platoon
  • Wheels of Steel
  • Velociposse
  • The Cyclepaths
  • Sit and Spin
  • Q-Factor Corps
  • Road Captain Tactics
  • Freewheelers
  • Saddled & Addled
  • The Squirrels
  • The Cyclo Style

Biking Team Names

If you don’t like the funny team names then you can select the name from the biking team names.

  • Spin Doctors
  • The Spoke Herd
  • Tour de Farce
  • Spider Patrol
  • Flaming Wheels
  • Sugar Cycles
  • The Spoke Herd
  • Old Cranks
  • Slow Speed Demons
  • Pedal Pushers
  • The Spinerettes
  • Chain Reaction
  • Grind My Gears
  • Three the Hard Way
  • Two Wheel Thrill
  • Pedal Power
  • Tortoise Guts
  • Master Wheels
  • The Cyclopedia
  • Saddled & Addled
  • Cyclepaths
  • Tour de Friends
  • Pedal Storm Bringers
  • Wheelie Awesome
  • The Cyclopedia

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Clever Cycling Team Names

If you select clever team names then it is possible for your team to become very famous.

  • Falcon
  • One Hit Wonders
  • The Slow Movers
  • The Spoke Patrol
  • Pedal Power Gonzos
  • Beater Battalion
  • Roll-A-Bike
  • Raw Doggers
  • Pedal Velocity Simplicity
  • Cyc Mind Gremlins
  • The Cyc O Club
  • Pedal Power
  • The Slow Freedom
  • Vicious Cycle
  • Slow Speed Wizards
  • Wuffian
  • Cyclone Cycles
  • Saddle Tramps
  • Old Crank Army
  • The Bonk Brigade
  • The Wheel Deal
  • The Roadie Corps
  • The Slow Mojo
  • Speed Scrubbers
  • Abusement Park

Fantasy Cycling Team Names

If you are impressed with the fantasy world then we have collected some fantasy cycling team names.

  • Dumbledore’s Army
  • Lord of the Rings
  • Maze Runners
  • Smurfers
  • The Starks
  • Adventurers of Narnia
  • Rings of Fire
  • Team Tornado
  • Team Ride
  • Challenge Nibali
  • Frenetic
  • Bishop & Sons Cycling
  • Peloton Cycles
  • Team Yellow Jersey
  • Made With Spandex
  • Let’s ride together
  • FantasyKit
  • Cyclical Shares
  • Movistar
  • CycleRoadies
  • Enthusiast Cycling
  • Rainbow Road
  • Cannondale Pro Cycling
  • Bike Squad
  • Eternal Glory
  • Cycling Viatour
  • Zero Gravity Racing
  • Farm Team
  • Handpicked Cyclists
  • TeamVelo-Sci
  • United Pro UCI
  • SF Bike Monkey
  • Cyclotracks
  • Cycling and FBS
  • Echelon Cycling
  • Team Sky
  • FatCyclist
  • RideHub

Indoor Cycling Team Names

If you are a member of the team who always wants to do indoor cycling then don’t worry we have a list of indoor cycling team names.

  • Storm Troopers
  • Gyros
  • Power Throttle
  • Round About
  • Overachievers
  • Rampage
  • The Auto
  • Bones Machine
  • The Vampires
  • Junkyard Boys
  • Spin
  • Cycle
  • SoulCycle
  • Cadence Cycling
  • CycleWerx
  • Genesis Cycling
  • Orangecycle
  • TeamPyramid
  • New York Wheelers
  • CyclingIron
  • CycleNation
  • Bully Bikes
  • CrossfitCycle
  • Cycling Studio
  • CycleBoyz
  • Ride Solid
  • Oval Cycle Club
  • Team Pony Cycle
  • Team Squish
  • Synergy Cycle
  • PedalPower!
  • CyclingClub
  • BikeME
  • RealCyclist
  • Strada Cycling
  • Cycle Freaks
  • CycleClub
  • CycleBox
  • TeamSpin
  • The Fast Pedalers
  • CycleHouse

Tips To Create The Cycling Team Name

Nowadays cycling has gained too much popularity and now most people perform this exercise. However, cycling is the best exercise and has many benefits like it reduces the stress of your mind and also has other benefits. When you have a team or a friend to perform this exercise then it will become more interesting. 

While at the time of making a cycling team you will definitely need a cycling team name. So, if you can’t find the best cycling team name from the above-mentioned names then you have to follow all the tips that are given below to create the best cycling team name. 

Simple Name

Our first tip is to always create the cycling team name simple. If you create the team name very hard or difficult to spell then it is not possible for other people to remember your cycling team name. So, the first thing you should remember is to create a simple, unique, and easy name. 

Take Some Inspiration

The next thing you can do is take some inspiration from your favorite things. Like if you or your teammates have favorite games, movies, places, sports, or any other thing that is favorite. You can select the favorite name or you can also mix two types of different names. In this, you have the opportunity to create the best cycling team name. 

Remember one thing that it doesn’t matter if the name you create is related to cycling or not but the name should be interesting and unique. If this tip is not creative for you or doesn’t help you to create the best and unique cycling team name then you should follow the other tips that are given below. 

Catchy Name

The other important tip is your cycling team name should be catchy and interesting. It is a fact that if your cycling team name is not catchy then it will not grab the attention of the audience. So, you always make sure that the name you are going to create must be catchy and interesting. 

Take Suggestions From Friends

After creating the best cycling team name the best thing you can do is to take suggestions from your team members and also from your friends. Send the names to your team members and take suggestions. If you select the team name according to their suggestions then in this way all members will be happy. 

Take a Look at Cycling terms

If you don’t know how to do cycling and you are new in this field then you should read the cycling terms. Other than this if you know about the cycling terms then select a few interesting words from the cycling term and combine them. When you mix some interesting words then you will get the unique and best cycling team name. It is the best way to create the cycling team name. 

Funny or Serious Name

You can select both funny and serious names but it depends on the purpose of the team. First, you have to identify the main purpose of the team and then select the cycling team name. But remember one thing that most people like the funny name and it also makes you relaxed in the intense situation.

So, after selecting the best cycling team name the most important thing you have to do is take approval from your team members. If you don’t take approval then it might be possible that some of your team members are not happy with the name that you have selected.


The names that are given above are the best cycling team names. You are here it means you have selected the best team name or you can also create your own team name with the help of tips that are given above.

So, if you like the article and names then don’t forget to help others to select the cycling team name by sharing the article. You can share this article with your friends and family members.