150+ Best Funny Dodgeball Team Names Ideas 2023

(Last Updated On: April 7, 2023)

Dodgeball Team Names

Hey there, sports enthusiasts! Are you ready to dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge? Of course, you are! But before you hit the court, let’s talk about one of the most important things – Dodgeball team names!

You don’t want to be the team with a lame name that puts everyone to sleep, do you? No way! You need a name that strikes the perfect balance between class and sass – something that’ll make your opponents quake in their sneakers!

And let’s not forget the morale boost that comes with a killer team name! It’s like a shot of adrenaline straight to the heart of your dodgeball team. So, whether you create a name or scour the internet for the perfect one, make sure it’s a name that’ll make you proud!

Have you ever heard about the dodge ball game? If not then we are here to provide you with all information about dodgeball and how to select the best dodgeball team name without any hurdle. 

It is actually a game which consists of two teams. The players of the first team throw the ball towards the opponent and then so on. They have to prevent themselves from hitting the ball. This game involves five major rules that involve dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge.

Regarding this game, the most known and best player in the world of dodge ball game is Andrew Ketchum. In this blog, we are going to provide you with the best names for the dodge ball team which will not only motivate your team but also give them a spirit of enthusiasm. You will be able to know some cool, clever, awesome, and funny dodge ball names for your team. These include:

Unique Dodgeball Team Names

1-      Aim for the Duckers

2-      Aiming for the Dodge King

3-      Bane And Pain

4-      Beaver Dodger

5-      Big Ballers

6-      Blitz Ball Thugs

7-      Bloodhounds of Globo Gym

8-      Breaking the Ball Fighters

9-      Captain Dodger and Balls

10-   Dodgeball Punks

11-   Dodgeballs Locked

12-   Dodgeboy Rams

13-   Dodgers to Avenge

14-   Dodge the Crotch Shots

15-   Dodge the Rampage

16-   Draft Dodger of Ball

17-   Golden Balls of Fury

18-   Jammy Dodgers

19-   Mighty Throwbocops

20-   No-Hit Sammy

21-   Old Dodgers to the Rescue

22-   Predatory Athletes

23-   Rubber Chuckers

24-   The Most Artful Dodgers

25-   The Deranged Assassins

26-   The Dodgers from Nowhere

27-   The Dodging Spartans

28-   Westland Dirty Ballers

29-   Wildcat Brave Balls

Funny Dodgeball Team Names

For your dream team, you should have some eye-catching and funny names. By having a funny name for your dodge team can provide you with some sort of happiness and fun. You do not have to create a team name by yourself when we are here to provide you with the best funny dodgeball team names. These include:

1-      Balls Royce

2-      Balls to the Wall

3-      Daffy Duckers

4-      Dodge, Dip, Duck, Dive

5-      Dodge fathers of Dodgy Balls

6-      Dodge for the Cake

7-      Dodgey Balls

8-      Dodging the Ballsagna

9-      Dodging the Rice Balls

10-   Dodgy Style Dodgers

11-   Don’t Throw Me

12-   Ducking Fireballs

13-   Gym Class Heroes

14-   Knuckleheads on the Field

15-   Much Ado about Balls

16-   Nelson Mandodgers

17-   None of You Can Duck

18-   Nutshot Undertakers

19-   Salad Dodgers

20-   Snoop Dodgy Dodge

21-   Spaced out Flyballers

22-   Stranger Demidodgers

23-   The Game of Throws

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Good Dodgeball Team Names

Some good dodge ball team names are given below which are creative and have some sort of funny meanings related to the games. These include:

1-    Dodger Federer.

2-    Hand of Dodge.

3-    Hotdodgers.

4-    Ball of Duty 3.

5-    Who Let the Dodge Out?

6-    Slumdodge Millionaires.

7-    Snoop Dodgy Dodge.

8-    Ninja Hurlers.

9-    Thunderballs of Justice.

10- Not in the Face.

11- The Dodgesaurs.

12- Roger the Dodgers.

13- Dodger Ebert.

14- Dodger Daltrey.

15- Dodger Clemens.

Cool Dodgeball Team Names

If you are a true fond of the dodge ball game, then you can understand that it is also quite compulsory to have a cool team name. You can select the name of your desire by this given below list or can create it yourself.

1-      Artful Dodgers

2-      Block Dodgers

3-      Dodgebulls

4-      Dodge Chargers

5-      Dodge No Balls

6-      Dodgers from Exoplanet

7-      Dodging Punchers

8-      Hard Targets

9-      Heroes of Patches O’ Houlihan

10-   Hopscotch Dodgers

11-   Hotdodgers

12-   Hot Stove Dodger

13-   Expert Duckers

14-   Reservoir Dodge

15-   Roger the Dodgers

16-   Scared but Hitless

17-   Sitting Ducks

18-   Slumdodge Millionaires

19-   The Flyballer legends

20-   The Hand of Dodge

21-   The Human Targets

22-   Thunderballs of Heroes

23-   Underdodge Heroes

24-   Weekend Warriors

Dodgeball Team Names Along With Movies

As dodge ball is known among the favourite games and also many of us have seen this game playing in the movies, then why not give the taste of the movie to the team name. It means the dodgeball team name will be based on the movie. So here is the list which you can go through and select accordingly.

1-      Average Joe’s

2-      Clown Punchers

3-      Globo gym Purple Cobras

4-      Kamikazes

5-      Las Vegas Police Department

6-      Lumberjacks

7-      Moose Knucklers

8-      Mulchers

9-      Poughkeepsie State Flying Cougars

10-   She-Mullets

11-   Skillz that Killz

12-   Team Blitzkrieg

Dodgeball Team Name For Girls

If your dodge ball game team consists of only girls, then the name should be girly. You can have these given below names which you can choose according to your taste.

1-      Artful Dodgers of Queen

2-      Ball-e-rina United

3-      Ball Girls from the Prairies

4-      Barbarians Queens of the North

5-      Beastie Divas

6-      Brave Ball-e-rhinos

7-      Crafty Female Dodger

8-      Deep Ball Dodge

9-      Dodgesaurs of Globo Gym

10-   Dodging Divas

11-   Don’t Mess with the Dodgy Birds

12-   Estrogen Express

13-   Girl Scout Dodgeballers

14-   Girls’ Beastie Balls

15-   Girl Scout Dropouts

16-   Power-dodge Girls

17-   Swans of Dodge Moore

18-   The Backstreet Valkyries

19-   The Queen’s Dodging Gambit

20-   The Swoonworthy Ballarina

21-   Too Hot to Dodge

22-   Victorious Secret

Dodgeball Team Names for Boys

If you are in search of some good and cool dodgeball team names regarding boys, then there are plenty and you can have a great choice to select an amazing name for such an energetic squad. These include:

1-      Ball of Duty

2-      Ball of Fame

3-      Dodge the Balls of Fury

4-      Big Dippers from the Netherworld

5-      Doctor Dodger Balls

6-      Dodge ballers from the Olympus

7-      Dodger Federer

8-      Dodgezilla and the Hunters

9-      Dodging Wizards

10-   Gladiators of Hell

11-   Guys Dodge the Beastie Balls

12-   League of Hot Dodgers

13-   Mighty Resistance

14-   Perfect Dodge Bollocks

15-   Team Beastie Balls

16-   Team Dirty Dodgers

17-   The Dynasty of Mighty Duckers

18-   The Elite Dodge Club

19-   The Facebreaking Besticles

20-   The Vikings of Arena

21-   Dodge the Smirk off your Face

22-   Dodge ball Heartthrobs

Clever Dodge ball Team names

There is another category is known as “clever dodge ball team names”. This category includes the names for dodge ball teams that are smart and witty. You can select a witty or smart name for your team. These include:

1-      Ball-der-dash

2-      Beyond the Enemy Lines

3-      Blood Sweat and Triumph

4-      Deep Dodgeballs rams

5-      Dodge and Hit

6-      Dodge before Getting Hit

7-      Dodge Dynasty

8-      Dodge-o-holics

9-      Dodgers and Demons

10-   Dodgers in the Rye

11-   Dodge the Ball of Duty

12-   Knowing Bros of Arena

13-   Kung fu Ballers

14-   Never Stop Ballieving

15-   Ravenous Dodging Ravens

16-   Stand atop the Enemy

17-   Teenage Mutant Ninja Dodgers

18-   The Ball Keep Among Us

19-   The Dangerous Canni-balls

20-   The Dodge Knight Rises

21-   The Dodger of Balls

22-   The Exordium of Dodgers

23-   The Narnian High Lancers

24-   The Tales from Dodgerland

25-   The Wolf of Balls Street

Creative Dodgeball Team Names

Beside all these names, there are some others for the dodge team which you use for your girls or boys team. These names are present in large variety but some of them are these are:

1-      Artful Dodgers

2-      Ball Busters

3-      Ball of Duty

4-      Ball of Fame

5-      Ball-E

6-      Balls of Fury

7-      Balls Royce

8-      Balls to the Walls

9-      Ballzinga

10-   Chuck Norris

11-   Crotch Shots

12-   Daffy Duckers

13-   Dodger Federer

14-   Duck Dynasty

15-   The Mighty Duckers


Tips to produce a DodgeBall Team Names

You can also be able to create your own team name by using some simple tips and tricks. These include:

1-      Create your dodge ball team name by considering the areas of team members from where they belong. For example: if the number of your teammates belong from Germany, then you can make the team name “Sweet Balls from Germany or Germany champs”

2-      Another way to create your team name is by knowing their characters, like if they have a funny or calm nature, then create the name accordingly.

3-      Simply use the combination of two words and create a team name that has some sort of meaning.

Final Words

It is good to know for us that you have gone through the complete blog and selected the best name for your team. But if not and you have created a name by yourself then share us as we will please to know. To give us appreciation, you can share these best dodgeball team names with your friend’s groups.