300+ Top Funny Whatsapp Group Names 2023

(Last Updated On: April 18, 2023)

Here Is The Complete List Of Best Funny Whatsapp Groups Name

One of the biggest chatting platforms in this updated world is WhatsApp. There is a huge community of young generation, elders, and even teenagers who are using this platform in order to be connected with their friends, fellows, and cousins.

Whatsapp Group Names

As many people are fond of WhatsApp, they create a WhatsApp group to share their ideas, thinking, memes, jokes, and public service messages. For this purpose, they make funny WhatsApp groups names that mainly depend on the uniqueness and characteristics of the entire group.


Many people create themselves a creative name but some of them can’t decide and they move towards the browser in search of the suggested WhatsApp group’s name. If you are also one of them then we are here to suggest to you the best and unique name.


There is a great variety of funny group names but all of these are classified on the basis of categories. Like for friends, there will be different and also for lovers and family you can have various names. So you need to select them accordingly.


WhatsApp Group Names for Friends


Friends are considered as one of the most loving and faithful communities. They are not less than your family. According to the sayings, friends are known as brothers from another mother.


You may also hear from someone that a friend’s heart but not by blood. It shows the closeness of your friends to you. They are like the bonding as in between heart and blood. You can use the funny WhatsApp groups names given below for friends. These include:

  •         Hungry for Trouble
  •         The Trash
  •         Talent Pool
  •         Pin Drop Nonsense
  •         The TroubleMakers
  •         Busy Buddies
  •         The walkie Talkies
  •         Recycle Bin
  •         Designated Drinkers
  •         Crazy people
  •         The Woodchucks
  •         Swag Partners
  •         Phone Pals
  •         Play your way
  •         The 39ers
  •         Chaos
  •         The Spartans
  •         Non-Stop Pings
  •         Sup Group
  •         Text Masters
  •         The Alter Egos
  •         The Bum Chums
  •         Tech Ninjas
  •         The Abusement Park
  •         Troubleshooter


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WhatsApp group names for Family

We spend hours on family WhatsApp group chatting because family matters a lot for everyone. It is the happiest place where you stay connected to each other. When you create a family group on WhatsApp, then the first thing that comes into your mind is what should be the name.

If the group members involve elder family members like mother, aunts, uncle and grandmother or grandfather then the group name should be according to them. As it should not be bad so we are going to give you huge choices among many WhatsApp group names for families. These include:

  •         Perfect
  •         Fantastic Family
  •         My Family
  •         Happy Family
  •         Rocking Family
  •         Mad Families
  •         ABC Family
  •         Strong Ties
  •         Cool Family
  •         We are Family
  •         Modern Family
  •         Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki
  •         Drama Club
  •         The Family
  •         We all are one
  •         The Family Gang
  •         Family Club
  •         Dad is Don
  •         My Folks
  •         Happy House
  •         Mad House
  •         Bonding
  •         People of my life
  •         We are unique
  •         Amazing Family
  •         The Fantastic Four
  •         Irritating Family
  •         Lifetime Bonding
  •         The Public Square
  •         Good Times
  •         Pretty Family
  •         Top-Notch Home
  •         Rocking Family
Best WhatsApp group for College Friends

The friendship bonding of college fellows is indirectly proportional to the college session. After the school time friendship, the second never-ending friendship is of college. In boys, the ratio of unbroken friendship is much higher as compared to boys.


The WhatsApp group of college students and friends are mainly for the purpose of sharing notes, pictures, study links, examination timetable, and also for gossip. In this way, there are many funny WhatsApp group names which one should select for their long-lasting friendship. These incredible group names include:

  •         Rock stars
  •         Crazy Engineers
  •         Friends Forever
  •         Friends for life
  •         Mountain Movers
  •         The Herd
  •         The Jumping Jacks
  •         The Alpha & Omega
  •         Smartness overloaded
  •         Kingdom
  •         The insomniacs
  •         Silent killers
  •         Fabulous five
  •         Only singles
  •         Life for friends
  •         The Desert Roses
  •         Chatter Box
  •         The Folks
  •         Game Changers
  •         Wandering Minds
  •         The Invincibles
  •         Fantastic 4
  •         The Drifters
  •         House Of Hunters
  •         Last benchers
  •         Buddies for Life
  •         Glucose Busters
  •         Hike & Bike
  •         Always on Patrol

Best WhatsApp groups for Business fellows:

Not only students and families are eager to discuss anything on WhatsApp groups, but also the business fellows are. Besides WhatsApp business accounts, you can also have fellows or colleagues groups for chatting and sharing funny things in order to relax from your daily routine.  

If you have no idea how to give a good or funny name to your business WhatsApp group, then we are surely here to help you out. You can have a giant selection of funny Whatsapp groups. These include:

  •         Workaholics
  •         The Corporate Cowboys
  •         Best in Business
  •         The Three-Piece Suits
  •         Bloody Business
  •         Les Quizerables
  •         Schindler’s Linked List
  •         Layman Brothers
  •         Wise Crackers
  •         Empty Coffee Cups
  •         Natural Disasters
  •         Professional Pirates
  •         Universally Challenged
  •         Google United
  •         Fifty Shades of Grey’s Anatomy
  •         *Company name or abbreviation* Slaves
  •         A Pitcher On My Mind
  •         The Elite Group
  •         Markets on the Rise
  •         Coffee lovers
  •         Best Among The Best

 Funny WhatsApp groups for Ladies gang:

Ladies are fond of chatting and gossiping about their shopping and around things. They create a WhatsApp group for their circle and enjoy chatting with them.


As ladies are always curious about everything then why not about their chatting WhatsApp group. While creating the group name they also become selective.


Most of the ladies searched for a fitness club WhatsApp group name. So here you can have a large number of funny and amazing WhatsApp group names. These include:

  • The TroubleMakers
  • Xplosion
  • The gorgeous ladies
  • Sparkling ladies
  • Coffee lovers
  • Atomic Reactors
  • All-time fun
  • The Foodies
  • Keep “typing…”
  • The Now Married
  • Glowing stars
  • The Chamber of Secrets
  • The Desert Roses
  • All Us Single Ladies
  • Awesome Blossoms
  • Civil Disobedience
  • Type till you ripe
  • Friendship
  • Gossip Geese
  • The Queen Bees
  • The Gift of Gab
  • The So and So

Boys WhatsApp Group Names

In the list of the best WhatsApp groups, the next one is group names for boys. Boys actually select their better names according to their friends’ company. In case you have created a separate WhatsApp group, then here are some funny and creative Whatsapp group names which you can select accordingly.

  •         The Dude Guys
  •         The “Yes” Men
  •         Tom, Dick, And Harry
  •         Cool Boys
  •         Kick-Ass Boys
  •         Green Eggs And Men
  •         Desi Boys
  •         The Corporate Cowboys
  •         Country’s future weapons
  •         Status King Block Heads

WhatsApp group names for Siblings:

If you are more than two or three siblings, then you surely had a WhatsApp group where all of you mutually share your suggestions and ideas and also share your pictures. In this way, you can have some funny WhatsApp group names like:

Product of “Father Name”


Stars of the sky.

WhatsApp Group Names for Lovers

Now the next thing which you may secretly want to know but never express in front of someone and is the lovely WhatsApp group names for lovers. Here is some known what’s app group names for lovers which you may surely like include:

  •         Lovers together
  •         Fabulous Fairies
  •         Fell in Love
  •         Naughtiness
  •         Love Paradise
  •         24×7 Love
  •         Romantic gossips
  •         Online Hangover

WhatsApp Group Names for Cousins

Distance does not matter when you have an amazing platform to connect with your cousin and loved one. In my cousins’ WhatsApp group, the best chat and gossip occur. After friends and family, it is the next group where the most entertaining things happen. In this crazy scene, your cousin’s group name should be entertaining and craziest. Some of these include:

  •         Most Loved One’s
  •         My First Friend
  •         My Blood Share
  •         God Made Relations
  •         Best Group For Sharing Feelings
  •         I Love My cousins
  •         My second mother

Some other WhatsApp group names which are used by a number of people include:

  •         Hopeless group
  •         Just do it
  •         The Unknowns
  •         Chat Lounge

Final words:

All of these above-mentioned details are about the best WhatsApp group for family, friends, ladies, college boys, and for business personals. In this blog, I had suggested all sorts of groups’ names according to the nature of every group.

If you have any other group name which you may consider to be in this blog then you can share your consideration and ideas in the comment section below. Share these funny groups’ names with your friends and fellows and even in your nameless WhatsApp group and know which the most liked one is.